Pot smoker finds chubby tiger in deserted home | US Information

An individual who went into an deserted residence to smoke marijuana ended up face-to-face with an chubby tiger.

The individual Texan police are referring to as a “involved citizen” rang the authorities – who initially believed the caller was hallucinating.

“A involved citizen referred to as 311,” stated Sgt Jason Alderete, of Houston police division’s main offenders, livestock animal cruelty unit.

  An overweight tiger was found in a small cage in Texas. Pic: ABC News
An chubby tiger was present in a small cage in Texas. Pic: ABC Information

“They have been attempting to get into this home to smoke marijuana. We questioned them as to whether or not they have been beneath the consequences of the medication or they really noticed a tiger.

“They noticed a tiger on this constructing, this vacant home that is clearly been deserted for a while.”

The tiger was rescued following the call. Pic: ABC News
The tiger was rescued following the decision. Pic: ABC Information

The tiger was being held in an unlocked cage which was too small and never sturdy sufficient for a wild cat of that dimension, in accordance with US reviews.

Though the house is deserted, packages of meat have been discovered with the tiger.

The police say though the tiger appeared docile, she was tranquillised for security causes earlier than they moved her an acceptable shelter.

 The tiger was taken to an appropriate shelter. Pic: ABC News
The tiger was taken to an acceptable shelter. Pic: ABC Information

Heidi Krahn, government director of the middle for animal analysis & training, advised ABC Information: “Discovering a without end residence for a tiger is just not simple.

“I attempted to clarify to folks it is so much like having a baby. When you have a baby, you’ve got insurance coverage however these guys do not have insurance coverage.”

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